The OZCAR’s governance aims to ensure the implementation of the scientific objectives defined by the infrastructure. This governance is based on a Coordination Cell, an Executive Committee, a Steering Committee and a Scientific Council.

Coordination Cell

The coordination Cell is made up of the Coordinators and the Project Ingineer. It manages the “day-to-day” life of the research infrastructurein application of the advice and directives issued from the governance bodies. It meets every 2 tweeks.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of members of the coordination Cell + representatives from observatories/sites + representatives from Work Packages (WP). The aim of the executive committee is to propose a reference scientific framework and to work on the operational implementation of the different WPs. It meets once a month.

Steering Committee

The Steering Committe is made up of representatives from the supervisory bodies (CNRS-INSU, IRD, BRGM, IRSTEA, INRA and MESRI (Ministry of Education and Research ). It meets twice a year.

Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is made up of scientists from outside the RI but with expertise in one of the fields covered by the infrastructure. It assesses and advises on the envisaged  policies or scientific strategic orientations of the infrastructure. It meets once every two years.