OZCAR gathers long-term observatories monitoring parts of the Critical Zone, from the high mountains to the sea. They have dedicated personnel and are open to any research collaboration. OZCAR are also associating Southern Countries (Asia, Africa and South America).

OZCAR’s observatories around the World

CRYOBS-CLIM Observatory: glaciers, snow and permafrost processes

CRYosphere, an Observatory of CLimate.


RBV network (Réseau des Bassins Versants)

Drainage basins network: water, energy, sediment and matter transport, geochemistry monitoring to derive fluxes and storages.


H+ Observatory

A French national network of hydrogeological formations sites.



Tourbières Observatory

A network of 4 French instrumented sites for Carbon budget and biodiversity of peatlands.


Regional Space Observatory

The Regional Space Observatory for a sustainable management of territories and their resources in the South-West of France.


ROSES observatory

Observatory network of groundwater systems at France level.


OPE Observatory

A long-term environmental monitoring strategy that guarantees environmental safety.